Work Ready 1

Work Ready 1

Starting the project of Work Ready 1 was very exciting, we got to see the new brief analyse it and reflect upon it, asking questions and digesting the brief.

We are going to design an installation for a series of parapets around Brick Lane, as sort of decor for this area. It’s challenging as a request as well as a live brief which we would have to fully understand and research before investigating further.

First and foremost we needed to decide the groups we wanted to be in it was extremely important to choose individuals who we trust and who are reliable with the work.

So I decided to partner up together with; Elisa, Miriam, & Alessandra as I have known them for awhile now and know that I can work with them at ease.

After choosing the group it was all about identifying all our skills, strengths, weaknesses understanding our backgrounds and commuting on working together, this included setting up group chats, meet ups, and things that would involve getting together and discussing ideas.

For such a competitive brief there has to be quite competitive people working on it and I am very happy of my decision, will keep you posted on future updates.


Studio Y Not, Name, values, and more. .

Finally starting fresh with a new studio and new projects to work on is an exciting feeling nonetheless.

For our very first project of studio named Y, we have explored ideas and came up with a name ourselves which would best suit the studio Pathos.

At first coming up with a name seemed like a challenge, by knowing so little about this new studio, but it was more about thinking as to what we want in a studio, our expectations, how we feel about the studio, and what we want to bring to each styles.

We began by generating ideas, brainstorming and discussing what we would want to see happening this year coming along. Then after discussing potential ideas we picked out the ones that most suited the studio pathos, and started working from there.

After lunch we started on sketching some logo designs which reflected with the words we put down on the brainstorm and identified those which we liked the most.

I did some sketches, put down some initial ideas and discussed with my peers.

The play word YNOT? was the most voted out of the studio and it played well with the illustration ‘quirky’ concept, so from there that’s where we were headed.

I am happy with the studio name as it reflects us being mid aged students and it’s very casual as approach, I am hoping that this studio will bring us together and will explore different concepts.

A Magazine Pilot, Level 5 Visual Communication

Refining ideas- Logo design & ideas


I started to think about a suitable name and an identity for my brand magazine. The initial idea was to call it ‘ink’ however with ink being too generic I wanted to give it a completely different identity instead. 

I chose a unique name which would still have the same underlined meaning, Blaek which is Danish means ‘ink’. 

After that I chose my topic outline culture and tattoos, within an anthropological overview, and my magazine finally started on coming together.

A Magazine Pilot, Ellipsis Studio

Delivering research

After exploring various sources I decided to move onto the next step by identifying something which I would like to be featured in the magazine. 

I explored and reviewed one of the magazine i have researched this would have given me an insight on what my magazine would have to make it more appealing.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 8.22.08 PM.png