A Magazine Pilot, Level 5 Visual Communication

Magazine Illustration

I wasn’t very happy with one of my illustration, so I have changed it to meet the conventions of the magazine.

CULTURE 4.png 

A Magazine Pilot, Level 5 Visual Communication

Refining ideas- Logo design & ideas


I started to think about a suitable name and an identity for my brand magazine. The initial idea was to call it ‘ink’ however with ink being too generic I wanted to give it a completely different identity instead. 

I chose a unique name which would still have the same underlined meaning, Blaek which is Danish means ‘ink’. 

After that I chose my topic outline culture and tattoos, within an anthropological overview, and my magazine finally started on coming together.

A Magazine Pilot, Ellipsis Studio

Delivering research

After exploring various sources I decided to move onto the next step by identifying something which I would like to be featured in the magazine. 

I explored and reviewed one of the magazine i have researched this would have given me an insight on what my magazine would have to make it more appealing. 



Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 8.22.08 PM.png